How it works

At Stone Barn we buy only the best raw materials, regardless of cost (sorry, accountants!) and we then we hand them over to Head Chef who will deliver them to you, precisely cooked and served with the simplicity that such fine ingredients deserve.

Our food is prepared and cooked either on our 8-spit rotisserie, on our huge indoor BBQ or with our own Smoker.

We are known for our whole BBQ’d lambs, sirloin steak bricks or butterflied legs of lamb. Alternatively you can choose from our Rotisserie options including chicken with a cream and tarragon sauce, whole suckling pig with roast apples or even Gressingham duck with wine & blackcurrant sauce.  We only use the best ingredients and serve it simply – generally in a feast style on boards and in bowls to the centre of the tables.



Here are some things to consider when building your quote.  If you have any questions about anything please drop us an email at


Minimum Catering Order

At Stone Barn we have a minimum catering order on specific dates, as follows;

  • Fridays between 1st May to 30th September – £4,000 ex VAT
  • Saturdays between 1st May to 30th September – £5,000 ex VAT
  • Saturdays between 1st October and 30th April – £3,000 ex VAT

All minimum costs are excluding drink sales.

This will be calculated at the end of your quote and a balancing amount added to bring the Catering cost to the minimum value.

There is no minimum spend if the barn hire is under £2800 at any time of year. This does not apply to dates when the barn hire is discounted.

Staffing Costs

These are shown separately rather than being included in the meal costs, which is difficult to do with an extended event like an all-day wedding.  On your quote you will see the projected staff numbers and hours.


Many thanks, it was a lovely weekend. Thanks for all your help. - May 2016