Drink Allowance

Buying Off-sales from us at pre-order prices

Wine must be ordered in advance, up to the following quantities:

  • Champagne: 0.6 bottle per person for the reception (0.4 bot.) and toasts (0.2 bot.)
  • Wine: 0.5 bottles per person for the meal

In the case of an over-order, any unopened bottles will be refunded.

In the case of an under-order, we will provide more at our sensible bar prices.

Off-sales wine will be available from the bar until the toasts are poured at the end of the meal or, if speeches are earlier, 30 minutes before the scheduled end of the meal.


Bringing your own wine and Champagne

You can supply your own sparkling wine for the reception drinks and your own wine for the meal.

You can bring up to the following quantities:

  • Up to 0.6 of a 75cl bottle of sparkling wine per person, which gives a generous 3 glasses (one to be kept back for the toasts).
  • Up to 0.75 bottles of wine per person, out of which we will distribute up to 0.5 bottles per person according to the demand for white or red wine.

There is no per bottle corkage charge for bringing your drink, but we do charge material costs as follows:

Bulk ice for cooling your drink on the day and glass hire for reception drinks and the meal – £9 per person (inc. VAT).

Wine deliveries must be made on the morning of your wedding.

White and sparkling wine should not be bought on sale or return as the ice baths damage the labels and the wine merchants will not take them back.

Red wine should be delivered at room temperature – NOT cellar temperature.

All left-over bottles must be taken away at end of the night.



Minimum Catering Order

At Stone Barn we have a minimum catering order on specific dates, as follows;

Saturdays between 1st May to 30th September – £5,000 ex VAT
Fridays between 1st May to 30th September – £4,000 ex VAT
Saturdays between 1st October and 30th April – £3,000 ex VAT

All minimum costs are excluding drink sales.
This will be calculated at the end of your quote and a balancing amount added to bring the Catering cost to the minimum value.


Staffing Costs

These are shown separately rather than being included in the meal costs, which is difficult to do with an extended event like an all-day wedding. On your quote you will see the projected staff numbers and hours.


Licensed bar

We provide a licensed bar which will be the only source of drinks after the meal.

The bar will close at 01:00.


We all had a fantastic time. Thank you so much to everyone at the barn for everything they did. - Mar 2014